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Published about 1 year ago • 1 min read

Relationship Strategy Sessions Now Available!

This session is just for you!

This is to assist you in your part of a relationship.

The other person in the relationship does not need to attend to get results.

The Process

  1. You book a private call with me
  2. You find clarity
  3. You discover a strategy for change
  4. You make the change
  5. Results will follow

Results you gain from just one Relationship Strategy Session:

  • Instant relief over a recent triggering situation
  • Identification of one of your relationship triggers
  • An effective solution to improve the relationship

What clients are saying:

  • "Erin is a great listener. She provides you with a very helpful tool to help you make change or just keep awareness there. I like how she was able to pick out useful information from my examples and help me see some things I knew, and some things in a different way."

APPLY HERE to request a *Relationship Strategy Session!

*After you submit the application, I will review it to see if I feel you would be a good fit for my services. Then, I will email you a reply with a booking link for you to schedule a time to meet with me.

The Relationship Strategy Session can be applied to any relationship in your life, whether it is a relationship at work, at home or with friends.

Erin Cooney - Personal & Professional Coach, Certified Relationship Coach

I help you navigate any frustrating relationship situations in the workplace, with family, or with friends. You will gain insight into your triggers and why this situation is weighing heavy on you and what you can do to create relief and resolution. Enter your email below to request a Relationship Strategy Session Today!

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