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Your priorities matter, and here's why...

Published about 1 year ago • 1 min read

Everyone has different priorities for what they want to experience at work.

For some people what's most important at work is to feel that their opinions are valued, and to work at a place where they have a certain degree of space and a place where they experience continual learning.

For others they really to experience a workplace where they feel connected and respected by those who work for the company, and to have a place where they can experience growth and opportunity.

And for others they are looking for a workplace atmosphere where they truly feel valued, included, and supported.

These priorities are so important yet they often don't get discussed at work.

The same is true for romantic relationships, as everyone has different priorities for what they want to experience in their romantic relationship.

Some people really want to experience intimacy, closeness, connection and a sense of teamwork in their romantic relationships.

Others want to experience passion, trust, and growth combined with a a good balance of freedom and independence.

And yet others want trust, appreciation and comfort the most.

And so what happens if we aren't experiencing what we really want?

Well, things like...

  • feeling angry
  • feeling frustrated
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • feeling stuck
  • feeling irritated
  • feeling exhausted
  • feeling misunderstood
  • feeling pressured
  • feeling worried
  • feeling desperate
  • feeling regretful

This is definitely not the outcome that we are looking for!

And it can be really difficult to come up with a plan to figure this out for ourselves.

This is why relationship coaching can be so beneficial!

Through coaching, there is a simple process that we go through to explore these relationship situations.

The coaching process generally starts with exploring what isn't working.

You simply come to the session and share your experience.

And you leave the session with:

  • Clarity on what isn't working for you
  • Knowledge of why the situation is bothering you so much
  • Ways to create positive change (so you can experience relief)

Coaching can help you be more clear-headed, more productive, and more calm in your relationships.

For a one-time coaching session, you can apply to be a client here.

Erin Cooney - Personal & Professional Coach, Certified Relationship Coach

I help you navigate any frustrating relationship situations in the workplace, with family, or with friends. You will gain insight into your triggers and why this situation is weighing heavy on you and what you can do to create relief and resolution. Enter your email below to request a Relationship Strategy Session Today!

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