Does this describe you?

published9 months ago
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  • Are you a kind and friendly person?
  • Are you a respectful and helpful employee, manager, or business owner at work?
  • Are you a loving and supportive spouse at home?

Well, if this describes you, you may want to keep reading to see if private coaching could benefit you!

Just because you are a kind and friendly person doesn't mean that your relationships are as healthy and fulfilling as you'd like them to be.

There may be times you simply desire "more" in your relationships, and that's ok!

Maybe it's more intimacy, more closeness and more connection with your spouse.

Or maybe it's more inclusion, more collaboration and more teamwork at work.

If you want "more" but aren't quite sure how to get there, that's where private coaching comes in!

Through private coaching, you can share your specific "more" goals and I can assist you in starting to make them a reality!

Through coaching, we can explore your current relationship dynamics so that you better understand how to move forward to create the "more" you are desiring.

So if you are looking to experience "more" of something in any relationship...

You can apply for a coaching session here.

Erin Cooney - Personal & Professional Coach, Certified Relationship Coach

I help you navigate any frustrating relationship situations in the workplace, with family, or with friends. You will gain insight into your triggers and why this situation is weighing heavy on you and what you can do to create relief and resolution. Enter your email below to request a Relationship Strategy Session Today!

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