Does this happen to you at work? Does it make you frustrated?

published10 months ago
1 min read

  • You keep getting assigned projects with no deadlines
  • The expectations for your job are still not clear
  • You are not taken into consideration with big decisions that you are passionate about
  • You constantly feel frustrated by the inefficiencies that are taking place at work
  • You don't feel your hardwork is being noticed or valued

Please know that if you feel this way, it does not mean you are in the wrong job.

Yes, It could mean that you don't want to continue in this position or at this company.

However, it is best to explore the situation a bit deeper first.

This could simply be an opportunity for you to learn more about yourself and specifically How you Relate to Others.

With this knowledge, you can grow personally and professionally first, so you can then make the best decision for you.

Through private coaching, I will assist you in exploring ways to experience more support, acknowledgement, and harmony at work!

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Erin Cooney - Personal & Professional Coach, Certified Relationship Coach

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