How to be more easygoing, calm, and controlled at work and home

published10 months ago
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Have you recently had an experience with someone that left you feeling frustrated?

If you're a business owner, maybe it was something that one of your employees did.

If you work for a company, maybe it was a coworker’s attitude or how they said something to you.

If you are a wife, maybe it was something your spouse didn’t do that he said he would do.

What can you do instead of “venting” or letting this situation weigh you down?

We often turn to venting or just ignoring the situation, right?

Or, maybe we react unfavorably in the moment and say or do something that we kind of regret.

But of course, the ideal situation is that we would have the opportunity to explore these situations or relationships more deeply so we can move forward in a more positive direction.

How to explore situations so they don’t affect you so negatively…

If we don’t do anything about these situations, it generally gets much worse.

It weighs on us and it affects our productivity or enjoyment at work.

And if affects our ability to be fully present with our loved at home.

This is why coaching is so beneficial!

A coaching session can assist you by helping you explore these relationship situations so they no longer weigh you down.

If you'd like to experience a one-time coaching session, you can apply here to be a client.

Erin Cooney - Personal & Professional Coach, Certified Relationship Coach

I help you navigate any frustrating relationship situations in the workplace, with family, or with friends. You will gain insight into your triggers and why this situation is weighing heavy on you and what you can do to create relief and resolution. Enter your email below to request a Relationship Strategy Session Today!

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